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Building equity, equality, access and engagement for all communities in the always-evolving technology landscape is of critical importance in society. The ISACA Foundation (previously known as One In Tech) was founded in 2020 to enable our global community of digital trust professionals to support the next generation of IT audit, risk, security, assurance and cyber leaders. Our purpose is to ensure diversity and inclusion in technology careers, and to advance the imperative that technology and its advancements should be for the good of all.

As technology advances every single day, the need for talent continues to be a critical issue. A serious workforce shortage threatens the growth and innovation of the technology industry on a global level. Building diversity and inclusion in audit and cyber careers is one of the ways to address the workforce crisis and ensure innovation that meets all perspectives. The ISACA Foundation removes barriers to ensure untapped individuals receive equitable access to education and training through our two programs, the ISACA Scholarship Program and the Digital Trust Workforce Inclusion Program.

Erik Prusch

“What’s special about ISACA’s global community is its commitment to expanding access and support in tech. They share their expertise as mentors and teachers, donate generously to our scholarships, and provide support and opportunities to those underrepresented in the workforce. A more inclusive world starts with access, and we are dedicated to building this engagement.”

– Erik Prusch, CEO ISACA

Our programs

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Our Board of Directors

The ISACA Foundation is led by a volunteer Board of Directors dedicated to advancing our work and ensuring meaningful impact. Our Board is comprised of recognized international experts and leaders with diverse skills and experiences across industries and the globe. Our Board members represent the very stakeholders whom we serve. Working with the ISACA Foundation staff, the Board contributes significant time, talent and energy to further our mission.

Next Generation Advisory Board

The ISACA Foundation is committed to ensuring that young people, the future of the technology space, are critical members of our leadership.

The Foundation is seeking global representation for the Next Generation Advisory Board, and we are open to nominations and applications from other regions around the world. Please contact us at

ISACA Scholarship Program

The ISACA Foundation is now a member of the National Scholarship Providers Association, a collective that is advancing the impact of scholarships. This scholarship program was honored with a 2023 Power of Associations Gold Award from the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) for our work bridging the cybersecurity workforce gap.

The ISACA Foundation provides academic scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students focused on digital trust, pursuing studies in the fields of IT audit, risk, security, assurance and cyber. We serve a community of students who have historically been underrepresented in tech.

Scholarship awards range from US$500–7,500 based factors such as region, cost of education and donor contributions. Unique to the ISACA Foundation, the awards also include an ISACA Career Building Bundle. This offers resources from ISACA’s renowned trainings, certifications and membership community. This combination of funding education and providing practical applied resources helps deliver impact in learning, and furthering careers. Our scholarships are designed to secure, accelerate and retain career growth for individuals, narrowing the workforce gap by pipelining untapped talent into employment opportunities.

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Partner and donate

ISACA has over 220 chapters around the world, spanning across 165 countries. We partner with ISACA Chapters, private companies and individuals, and other nonprofits to offer a robust and comprehensive scholarship program. The goal of these collaborative awards is to help students in various regions around the world continue their education and start their careers. Together with the ISACA Foundation, these partners maximize their impact through our program.

Want to make a difference in diversity and inclusion in technology? Become a partner today. From application to award, we’ve got you covered.


2022–2023 ISACA Chapter and corporate partners

We appreciate the support and collaboration with the following partners


Scholarship recipients

We celebrate and acknowledge recipients of our scholarships.

ISACA Scholarship Program

The ISACA Scholarship Program offers crucial funding and foundational career building opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students through our learning and certification programs, and resources from our ISACA community. What makes this possible? The corporations, non-profit organizations and our ISACA chapters who partner with us to pave new pathways for students to enter and succeed in the technology field through providing funding and volunteering their time and expertise. Our program focuses on supporting those who have been historically underrepresented in technology—learn more about our impact through the numbers and their stories included below.

Impact stories

Makaylah Harris

“This scholarship has made my impossible dream come true. I also want to express my gratitude for envisioning a purpose within me and fueling my career. Your investment in my future is not taken lightly, and I am committed to making a positive impact in my chosen field. I will work diligently to develop my skills, expand my knowledge, and contribute to the betterment of society.”

Makaylah Harris, National Cybersecurity Alliance HBCU Scholarship Recipient

Erick Vincent Steve Garcia Vicente

“This scholarship will not only empower my educational journey but also enable me to specialize in fields that are crucial for the security landscape. I am committed to leveraging this scholarship to its fullest potential, ensuring that it has a profound impact on my future and allows me to contribute significantly to the field.”

Erick Vincent Steve Garcia Vicente, ISACA Santo Domingo Chapter Scholarship Recipient

Oana-Cosmina Ianosiu

“The impact of this scholarship on my future is profound. It enables me to complete my Master’s degree in cybersecurity with fewer financial constraints, setting a strong academic foundation for my career. Additionally, it underscores the importance of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, inspiring me to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable cybersecurity community. Overall, this scholarship is not just an investment in my education; it is an investment in the future of cybersecurity, promoting diversity and excellence in this critical field.”

Oana-Cosmina Ianosiu, MassMutual Romania Scholarship Recipient

Ruchi Shewaramani

“Recognizing the barriers students face in entering cybersecurity, particularly underprivileged individuals, we at ISACA GWDC have partnered with One in Tech to offer tailored scholarship programs. These initiatives not only provide essential financial assistance but also play a crucial role in bridging the talent gap within the cybersecurity industry. Our ultimate goal is to equip students with the necessary skills, resources, and support to thrive in this dynamic and crucial industry, contributing to the global advancement of cybersecurity.”

Ruchi Shewaramani, Chief Information Security Officer at Washington Health Benefit Exchange and Academics Board Member at ISACA Greater Washington, D.C. Chapter

Digital Trust Workforce Inclusion Program

The Digital Trust Workforce Inclusion Program tackles workforce accessibility through offering education and certification at no cost to students and professionals looking to enter or reskill in IT, audit, risk, security, assurance and cybersecurity. Participants in our program receive classes conducted by industry experts, job readiness workshops, exam prep and certifications, and the opportunity to apply for continuing education stipends. We invest in people so that they have the opportunity to develop themselves, and secure meaningful careers that better their lives and their community.

Digital Trust Workforce Inclusion Program by the numbers

Successful inaugural year of the program, and we are expanding to nine cities in 2024.

Impact stories

Valentine Nnamah

“The program meant a lot to me as someone who enjoys learning and constantly trying to stay abreast with new technologies and information as regards to new risks and challenges facing the industry. I decided to sign up for the program once I saw the opportunity to earn a certificate. It was a great choice and decision as the class was worthwhile.”

Valentine Nnamah, Digital Trust Workforce Inclusion Program Participant

Vince Arnold

“As a program instructor for the Workforce Inclusion Program, I am hoping more people will take advantage of this program, if they are aware of all that it has to offer at minimum to no cost. The ROI is incredible! At basically the cost of just your time and effort, this program not only offers an incredible opportunity to learn the fundamentals of highly sought after emerging technologies of Cloud, Blockchain, IoT and AI but also supports leveraging the skills learned for career growth and job placement within the program. Highly recommended if offered in your area.”

Vince Arnold, Digital Trust Workforce Inclusion Program Instructor

Ivette Chavez

“ISACA’s Digital Trust Workforce Inclusion Program is a transformative initiative that champions diversity and inclusion, particularly for learners from underserved communities. By providing access to education and opportunity, this program empowers individuals to bridge the digital divide, fostering a more inclusive and equitable future for all. I really enjoyed working with all the program participants and community partners that helped to make this program possible.”

Ivette Chavez, ISACA Senior Program Manager

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